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David burtka will do a 2 night show on 54  Below   -Broadway`s supper  Club (November 25 & 26)

                                            David Burtka            

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November 25 & 26

Cover: $50 – $90

Cover charge at the door will be an additional $5

Minimum: $25

Tue, Nov 259:30pmDoors 8:45pmPresale 9/25Wed, Nov 269:30pmDoors 8:45pmPresale 9/29

Presale will begin to our Club 54 Members begins 9/25 and to our insider members on 9/29 at Noon EST.

Tickets will go onsale to the public on 10/1. To sign up for our email list, here To become a Club 54 member here

David Burtka earned raves for his work in New York theater in both plays and musicals, including the role of Tulsa in the 2003 Broadway revival of Gypsy – but the call of the West Coast pulled him away for nearly a decade. Back and back for good, David is ready to leave a new impression on the New York scene! Director Neil Patrick Harris has taken the conventional cabaret structure and turned it upside down, creating a show unlike anything that has been seen before. Add the musical direction of Seth Rudetsky and you’re in for something special. Funny yet emotional, energetic yet raw – David Burtka’s concert will be a night to remember at 54 Below.

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